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    If you are a publisher, we have all the tools you need to successfully navigate the new digital landscape
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    We are technologists and publishers. We make the best tools to solve the right problems. Our goal is to increase your bottom line.
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    Take advantage of our experience, knowledge, and superior knowledge of the publishing industry.
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    Our one-stop-shop solution will give you everything you need to start publishing books in 24 hours. Call us at 1-347-766-5529 or email us at info@lantia.com and let us amaze you.

white label publishing

Start a publishing company in 24 hours and without any infrastructure

Worry about your content, not your paperwork.

publishing platform

Improve your workflow management

Take charge of your business connections and claim back the control of your sales

consulting services

Digital strategy services

No two companies are the same. We provide best-of-breed services to design the best digital strategy for you.

White label

Get a publishing company up and running in 24 hours

Let us take care of all the details. Our one-stop-shop solution sets you up with an online catalog, a public website, an internal workflow management system, and a full team of dedicated graphic designers, layout specialists, and print professionals that will produce books at a breakneck pace.


If you are an existing publisher with more than a few books per month our solution will save you time and increase your revenues.

  • Have a full blown web presence
  • Publish new authors
  • Manage manuscripts and digital proofs
  • Establish one or more imprints
  • Sell your books in 37 marketplaces
  • Centralize all your operations

Digital strategy & consulting

We are industry experts. Let us help you increase your bottom line

We can help you digitize your catalog, build a digital strategy, establish channel alliances and sign distribution contracts. We provide customized services that will fit your needs.