Smart book distribution

Physical book distribution has always been the Achille's heel of the publishing industry. Lantia was the first company to integrate a production center that allows you to send your books to the retail channels without having to invest thousands in a large print run.

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Manage all your orders from a single control panel that you can access from any browser. Order reprints, get quotes, and check order dates and tracking information from a single point of access.

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Interior of an office in a printing company
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Layout, design and production

Focus on your content and reduce all your expenses outsourcing all your production tasks. We take care of the details so that you can focus on the big picture.

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Professional services

Now you can also enjoy the same outstanding level of high-quality professional services available in the industry. Did you know that Penguin Random House, Planeta and McGraw-Hill amongst others have placed their trust in us to bring some of the best solutions to market? Find out everything we can do for your publishing enterprise.


Books cannot generate sales if they cannot be found. Let us take yours to the market.


Take advantage of the first production center directly connected to the retail channel.


Trust our team to design the best looking books. Let us surprise you.

Daily reports

Manage your sales, invoices, payments and royalties from a single control panel.


Grow with us

Over 160 publishing houses in Europe, the US, and LATAM have place their trust in us to manage their books. Let us show you what we can do for you.


We convert your books to all the different formats available in the market. If you are a customer of our production department eBook production is always included.

Global distribution

Our clients have their eBooks sold and distributed across all markets and in all formats. Without monthly fees or long term contracts to tie you down

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